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Sydney based, Darling Downs raised. Raised beds and container gardening. Chilli addict.
Hi everyone! My in ground garden bed has many tree roots growing through it. I'm wondering if I put a raised garden bed on top of it, will the tree roots grow up into the raised garden?

I put my raised beds in the sunniest spot in the yard - which also happens to be next to a large cherry tree. Unfortunately, the tree roots come up through one end of the bed. Once a year I go through and cut them out, and I also use extra mulch and fertilizer on that side.
elliott kingi
elliott kingi
Thanks for your input AuggieDog! I'm a beginner gardener and would like to know more about how you cut the roots out and used the mulch and fertiliser. Do you know if there's a method for stopping the roots from growing into the raised garden bed?
wicking beds are good, the solid ones and even better if you can get them up off the ground a bit, it's the only sure way to stop the tree roots that I know of
A very warm hello from the beautiful Illawarra area of NSW.I’m the happy gardener and guardian of Sowelu, a mainly dry rainforest, heavy clay but beautiful lower escarpment acreage. Looking forward to gleaning from you all and sharing what may be of interest too.

Thanks for accepting me into this forum.
Viviana Green Dreamer
Also wanted to add I am an admirer of Marks gardening knowledge, ytubes and lovely wit ... So Cheers to Mark for all the smiles and wisdom you deliver.
my status..hmm. I just ate a huge sandwich and am as immobile as a tree stump.
guess one could same I'm rooted xD
This wind is playing havoc with my beloved tomato plants. I have 6 in a raised garden bed and they are all in cages. Every time I go out to inspect the damage I’m finding more broken / bent branches. I have been standing them up straight again and trying to brace the cage, but they just look a mess now. Should I keep interfering? Or just wait until the wind dies down and assess and fix any damage then?
when u grow them, do u use 'spiraly' metal sticks to guide the tomatoes upwards or do u just let the grow?
> if the former, u must look at the plants daily and guide thru the spirally thing, thus they get a certain kind of stability.

or is the wind just taking the entire branches with it?
could you set up some kind of temporary wind break outside the raised garden bed on the windy side? Not something solid but more like a pallet propped up with some posts? That way the wind will still get though but not with the strength to devastate your plants.
I was so- so proud of making a whole, beautiful bowl of fresh,cut garden veg.until I realized that I thoughtlessly dumped some store bought oil and vinegar dressing on it...dash!!!..*not* so mindful.
Greetings from Sunshine Coast Hinterland... new to this forum. Very interested in hugelkulture and permaculture. Trying to expand our fruit and vegetable menu...
Hi Tim,

I saw your post mentioning 3 different colors of finger limes, I would love to read/see an update to get a feel of what to expect from mine.

Happy Gardening !

P J, the Dirt Diva
Hi Mark,
so far the upgrade looks nicer, but have a question ....
I wanted to add a video clip to media, but youtube is not a choice and I can't figure out how to include an .mp4 file from my hard drive either ... is this able to be done ?

I do take still pics, but vids are more compelling imo

P J the Dirt Diva
Hi PJ,

I have fixed the YouTube embed now. As for uploading video files, this is not available at the moment because the files are too large and difficult to control for this type of site. Best and easier to upload to YouTube (or another video site) and then embed the video here.

Also, I think I have fixed the upload problem you were having for images but please let me know if you are still having issues.
I was able to embed, but it gave me an error. went back said save even it thought it was still ''uploading'' and it worked ok. Also was able to delete a duplicate, but why should I have to give a reason?

You said you wanted feedback hehehe I will quit now
I mostly have chooks and muscovy ducks. am getting into bee keeping and have a colony of native bees in a block of wood cut out of a tree.