New Forumers, Old Gardeners ;-)



We're two old boilers, food gardening in Deception Bay. We're members of Caboolture Seed Savers which hold monthly meetings/workshops/discussions at CREEC Burpengary. One of us contributes to Brisbane Local Food (BLF) which we recommend to those researching food growing hereabouts. Can save a lot of trouble to read someone else's experiences first! And it's a great community spread from the border up to Gladstone and Cairns but mostly around Brisbane-Logan. Cab Seed Savers is a great community too with a popular swap table at meetings and an online newsletter. About us - we're 70 and 78 respectively still with all our marbles and a bit slower around the garden then we used to be ;-).


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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
Hi DBayGardeners, and a big welcome to SSC!

I can also recommend BLF as a great resource - I'm a member too :D

Caboolture seed savers sounds interesting - feel free to announce any upcoming events/special dates in our "Events" category.

It's great to have experienced gardeners like you guys drop in to the forum for a chat or even answer a query. Looking forward to testing those "marbles" in the future. :)