Mushrooms; What do i need to know?

randy mason

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Feb 6, 2020
Colorado Springs
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I was considering getting into mushrooms. I have no idea where to start. i am posting here cause i love this community and you all give great advice. I am living in Colorado Springs so cold and dry. what do i need to know to get started ? is there anyone growing mushrooms in a climate like mine? or is indoor growing a must? thank you all for your help!



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Dec 22, 2019
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Feb 7, 2020
I recently started growing oyster mushrooms, and I'm in a bit of an opposite situation down in texas, where its far too hot and humid to grow outside. I've found no issues with growing inside though! The first thing I did was buy premade kits, just to get a feel of things, and then I actually went through the whole process. Oysters are probably the easiest mushroom to grow, and theres a lot of good info online for how to get started from scratch. I started growing in specialized grow bags, and theres all types of materials you can grow in and different opinions about them (from what I've gathered though, people prefer various mixes of sawdust, wood chips, wheat bran, and straw). Personally I use a mixture of wood flakes and straw with some wheat bran, was able to get most of it for fairly cheap from the pet store (small mammal bedding). I put it in a bucket and pour boiling water over it, then let it cool before layering it in bags with some grain spawn. From there on out its a matter of keeping things moist and letting the spawn innoculate the mix. Then you cut some holes and they pin pretty fast! But thats just oyster mushrooms- every mushroom is different in what it needs to grow. The next one I want to try is lionsmane, have a premade kit going for that right now so I can see if I even like the taste before going all in. But like I said, theres tons of good info online, and I recommend browsing some sites to see what works best for you! Hope this info helps you on your mushroom journey.