9am at Federal


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Sep 27, 2015
Pomona, Qld
This is as much a bit is an experiment as it is a photo of the fog still cloaking the landscape at 9am.
It will linger till around 10am.

I'm still learning this tablet and need to learn to post photos from it.
I'm lost without the metadata or properties that normally are available with a photo so I can see it's size and volume.

Anyway except for the occasional bird call, it is still and silent here as it has been since 9pm last night.
Each night that we have fog, we get around .3-.4ml of moisture that my weather station calls 'rain'.
This is also why, even though we are in drought again, this area seems green. It's called a 'green drought'. It's enough moisture for the trees and grass but not enough for the garden which needs more like 8-10ml daily.
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