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Preserved a book written by Nick Sandler and Johnny Acton.

My wife (with the kids) got me this book for a Fathers Day present about 5 years ago now and I've read it back to front several times. Plus, I keep it as a reference and there are plenty of preserving recipes I'm yet to try.

Published by Kyle Books in the UK initially in 2004, this book is a fabulous read and resource for anyone considering preserving their own food.

The book is a large 25 x 22 cm size paperback or hard cover and has excellent photos taken by Peter Cassidy.

There are 12 sections/chapters each one outlining different preserving techniques; such as, Drying, salting, pickling, smoking, bottling & canning, freezing, and Alcohol.

The explanations are easy to understand and along with hints/tips and "how to" are recipes for using your preserved products.

The book may be several years old now but it has been re-released since so it is obviously still popular. You can get it on eBay.

Specifications (if any)

The pros for this book are:
  • Easy to read and comprehend.
  • Well set out chapters for each method.
  • Great photos.
  • Includes recipes.
  • Realistic projects for the home preserver.


My only small criticism would be more images to go with step-by-step explanations would be handy and enhance the overall experience.

But, I do understand there is limited space in a large book such as this, especially when there is quite a lot of written information required.
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Pros: As described
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