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Matthew Evens is one of my favourite self-sufficiency writers and presenters. His latest book The Dirty Chef tells the story about his journey from being a feared food critic in the Sydney restaurant scene to becoming a small holdings specialist farmer in Tasmania.

I like Matthew's down to earth presentation style and his willingness to bring the audience along with him through "ups and downs" as he learns about self-sufficiency. He's probably best known for his TV series Gourmet Farmer (which in a way the book is also about) as he video documents the move from city life to the country.

The Dirty Chef is also available in e-book for all those tech-savvy book worms out there who like to keep their books electronically now days. Also, find it on eBay here.

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Matthew Evans is one of the most down to earth self-sufficiency writers/presenters you'll ever see.


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