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  1. Pink

    Self-Sufficient Photo of the Month - Jan/2017

    Dear Members, This month, thanks to your votes, Pink image has been awarded Self-Sufficient Photo of the Month Jan/2017. View the media page. Thank you to all the participants and come back next month for our new Self-Sufficient Photo of the Month Contest ! Admin SSC
  2. My veggie patch loves me.

    My veggie patch loves me.

    New Year but same feeling!
  3. Pink

    Fruit Saver fruit tree net to protect against fruit fly, birds, & animals

    Great photo. I don't think I've actually seen one before. It's a never ending battle against mother nature and all it's creatures. Hope it works. Now all we need is something to keep the wallabies, rabbits, hares, lawn grubs and the rest of those pesky varmints off our fruit trees. On a side...
  4. Pink

    Huge outdoor pizza oven building project pledge

    All I can say is good luck Mark. :goodluck:I have seen a couple diy jobs and they turned out fantastic and the pizzas were to die for...but I have heard they are a bit tricky to build. We are going to watch this one closely because I have always wanted one. Make sure it is good looking though...
  5. Pink

    My Fitness Theory

    Steve, I love that you have posted this theory. I think a lot of us have thought about it throughout the years and talked with others around a barbie. I agree in essence with your theory but I would like to add that perhaps you have been a bit dismissive of the under 10 age group. In my line of...
  6. Pink

    The use of pesticides on fruit and vegetables

    Have to agree with the cherry tomatoes. They seem to be very hardy and can't wait till we have our crop and don't have to pay $10/punnet:Faint again:
  7. Pink

    hello all!!

    Hi, I would like to think that I am self sufficient but by reading this fabulous website I know I have much to learn!!! I would like to get into dehydrating food, preserving etc as I love baking with produce grown from the garden. I love tending to the veggie patch, particularly the herb garden...