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  1. Pero

    Hello everyone, I am in Queensland, Australia.

    Welcome! You do realise we need to see photos of all those animals! :pic::twothumbsup:
  2. Pero

    Question Favourite sauce recipes

    Just finished up the first batch of Siracha. As stated previously, I've used Cayenne, Mexican and Carolina Reapers including a whole bulb of garlic and fermented it all in a 2.5% brine for seven days. Drained them and blended the fruit with about a cup and a half of the brine and then...
  3. Pero

    Question Favourite sauce recipes

    I'm fermenting a load of chilies made up of Cayenne, Mexican and Carolina Reapers for a siracha hot sauce... Will keep you posted with how it goes if you're interested.
  4. Pero


    Welcome and happy gardening. Don't be afraid to ask questions and you'll be harvesting in no time.
  5. Pero

    Hello from very rural Arizona, US

    Welcome friend! What part of AZ? I have friends in Scottsdale and absolutely love the joint.
  6. Pero

    Fruit fly decimating my Habaneros

    Are these supposed to exist in Sydney?
  7. Pero

    Question Citrus & Onions in Compost?

    I've just started my journey into composting and I've been adding citrus tree clippings, skins and rotted fruit... We'll see what happens I guess.
  8. Pero

    Need help identifying pupa.

    Thank you gents. Really appreciate the answer.
  9. Pero

    Need help identifying pupa.

    Was sowing seeds ant transplanting some seedlings into my freshly prepared raised garden beds and found a whole bunch of these all throughout the soil. I have no idea what they are and have found nothing that closely resembles these. They’re about 5mm long and about 1.5mm wide. Any help...
  10. Pero

    Greetings from south western Sydney

    Hi All, I came across the channel previously but it has only been in the last few weeks that I took a nice deep dive into it prompted by my construction of two raised garden beds. Space is at a bit of a premium so nothing massive but enough for a half dozen chili plants (Cayenne, Habanero and...