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  1. Lucas

    How do you store your seeds

    Hi All Trying to be a little more organised Have my seeds in a folder using Ultra Pro Silver 9 pocket trading card sleeves (bought 30 pages a couple of years age for about $12) This year i decided to separate them into months of sowing or seed starting using a monthly planting calendar...
  2. Lucas

    Friend or Foe

    Hi All Just wondering if this is a friend or foe We have something similar around the area (St Andrews Victoria) that is invasive Any information would be appreciated Cheers Lucas
  3. Lucas

    When the wife wants Lawn......

    Leanne (my wife) wanted the area where Lilly (my daughter) had her swings to be made into a Lawn area..... Yes I did say LAWN So outcome the rotary hoe and break up the compacted soil, then spread the soil levelish with the landscapers rack (945mm) then got a couple of square metres of Sir...
  4. Lucas

    The Original Victory Garden

    I watched this on YouTube today and thought some others might enjoy it Amazing how reverent it is for today
  5. Lucas

    Just a Caterpillar

    Well my occupation is building bulk fuel systems or service stations, and This little fella was moving across the tan bark that was put on the gardens Hope you like them Lucas
  6. Lucas

    Khaki Campbell Ducks

    My daughter wants a couple of Ducks for her birthday My wife said to get Khaki Campbell's My question is where can i get a couple of female ones around outer NE Melbourne any help will be greatly appreciated Cheers
  7. Lucas

    First of the 3 Re purposed water tank beds almost done

    The first of 3 beds made from a reclaimed water tank is almost ready I’ve filled it with spent hay, mushroom compost and composted green waste, which I sieved the component out of it that had turned to soil Green waste mulch was gotten from the next councils tip and has been sitting there 12-18...
  8. Lucas

    Planting seeds with my mate

    Was planting the next lot of seeds today with my mate Rufus Have to admit Rufus was all paws \
  9. Lucas

    Creating raised beds for stuff off the side of the road

    Last Friday night on the way home i found a free water tanks on the side of the road So after permission from the wife and off i went with the trailer By the time i got there one was gone but this one was left Well 9" grinder in hand and a little time later it turned into these Pretty...
  10. Lucas

    Any hints on growing Brussels Sprouts

    Looking at sowing Brussels Sprouts seeds this weekend The varieties are Red and Long Island Going to plant in seedling trays and transplant when large enough in a couple of weeks Haven't had a lot of luck with them before but think planted to late Any advice to make this crop successful will...
  11. Lucas

    Let me introduce myself

    Hi All Was watching Marks latest You Tube video and found out about this Forum Well I live in a place call St Andrews which is on the outskirts of Melbourne just near Kinglake My soil is fair less than perfect with little to no top soil We have a growing Vegetable Patch which i'm slowly...