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  1. AndrewB

    Bee video

    Just a short video of my bees doing their thing. I have 2 very busy hives now that spring has arrived.
  2. AndrewB

    Spare room to microgreens business!

    So, now that my backyard is almost full, my overactive brain has pushed me to start another project. I was planning to sprout seeds for my chickens initially, but then figured, why not upscale it a bit & sell to others as well. I'm setting up the first rack now as a trial, but managed to score...
  3. AndrewB

    Making potting soil

    Hi all, I thought I would share my method for making a nice fine potting soil. All you need is a slotted plant tray. I have a few sitting around from when I've bought things from the nursery, but I think Bunnings sell them in the seed section. You just dump a few handfuls of soil/compost into...
  4. AndrewB

    Mashua / Perennial nasturtiums

    Hi all, Does anyone have a source for these in Australia? Botanical name is Tropaeolum tuberosum. Nasturtiums are one of my favorite plants. This variety has an edible tuber. So is 100% edible, roots, leaves, stems & flowers. Would love to add it to my garden, but haven't been able to find...
  5. AndrewB

    Backyard to food forest

    Hi all, it's been a while, I've been busy working & saving & have only just got the internet again after around 12 months. I bought & moved into a house last week. Its got a nice sized block with no garden at all, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it. I've started planning out the...
  6. AndrewB

    At a crossroads

    Hi all, I'm after some life advice :) I have just finished the 1st year of a 10 year plan of leaving the rat race behind to live off the grid on acreage in New Zealand (I currently live in Australia). The savings side of things is going well, but I've been considering buying a house here in...
  7. AndrewB

    Kombucha & fermenting

    Hi all, I decided to put the prize from winning the monthly competition (Thanks again Mark) towards a 9 Liter Kombucha urn & a Fermenting kit. It's something I've been wanting to try for some time, so I'm looking forward to experimenting & sharing the results here.
  8. AndrewB


    I've been making my own herbal teas from the garden recently, does anyone else do the same? What are some of your favorite mixes? I have been using mint/basil for years, but have been experimenting lately now that some of my herbs are taking off. I enjoyed a rosemary/yarrow blend yesterday.
  9. AndrewB

    Stolen fruit!

    I came home today to find all of the Guava on the tree in my front yard all gone. Maybe a couple of dozen that weren't ripe yet. It wasn't birds or rats, there is no scraps, or half eaten ones left on the ground & they generally leave a bit of a mess. I've seen a few people reaching over...
  10. AndrewB

    Question Greenhouses

    My boss gave me a rather large Bunnings voucher today, so I am thinking using it to make a pvc pipe greenhouse. Once again, I'm renting currently, so it's going to be a temporary structure. Has anyone made their own greenhouse? I considered one of the tent style kits they sell, but I have an...
  11. AndrewB

    My potted garden

    Around September last year, I decided that I wanted to become more self sufficient. I've been a vegetarian for about 8 years & a vegan for the last 2, so that makes it fairly easy! I'm renting currently, so decided pots were the best option, so I wasn't wasting time & money if I move somewhere...
  12. AndrewB

    Another Perth gardener

    Hi all, I'm currently 8 months into a mostly potted garden, as I'm renting at the moment, so am limited with what I can do. It's going really well & I wanted to share my experiences with other gardeners. I hope to be food self sufficient by the end of the year, almost there now, but just need...