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    Frost protection

    Hi Leah, where do you have your young tamarillo? In-ground or Pot? or is it still in a seedling stage?
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    Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Thank you all for the great suggestions :) Got myself Gardenate, seedling mix, and a Seeding Tray from bunnings. With strawberry seeds that were starting to pop from a very ripe strawberry and lettuce seeds from the shop. Starting with a dozen of each. Keeping the soil mix moist and keeping...
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    Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Thank you both for the excellent suggestions :) Weekend is here. Should have time to get my hands dirty ;)
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    Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Hello everyone, Mmy name is Daniel, im a 37 year old man. I live in Sydney, work as a Telecommunications Engineer (but more on the office side of things). Though I have been into technology all my life (from being interested in electronics, computing and gadgets). I am looking forward to get...