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  1. Davidwood1983

    Cheap Galvanised Garden Bed

    I’ve not tried vidaxl but I have tried other cheaper beds. I’ve never bought anything other than birdies since trying them. You won’t be disappointed by birdies if you go that way. Worth the money I’d say. Plus you can get the smaller beds in Bunnings now one by one to reduce the big spend
  2. Davidwood1983

    New asparagus bed

    Yes, my thought was lettuce also. Will give it a go.
  3. Davidwood1983

    Food grade IBC for aquaponics

    Managed to find a couple locally. Looks like the aquaponics is on!
  4. Davidwood1983

    Mark’s Hoselink Ad

    Just seen the ad and think it’s great! great to hear more about your background and a different view from your own channels. Some very good points made and very brave. Definitely struck a chord with me. If people haven’t seen it yet I’d give it a go. I use hoselink stuff already and it’s good...
  5. Davidwood1983

    Howdy, from Vancouver (not BC), Clark County (not Nevada) Washington (not DC)!

    Ah sorry WA means Western Australia to me. I knew you weren’t there so I assumed Canada. Well you are doing pretty well despite the ridiculous rules. Small minds with a little power are very dangerous indeed
  6. Davidwood1983

    Howdy, from Vancouver (not BC), Clark County (not Nevada) Washington (not DC)!

    Sounds like the residents need a garden more than most. Especially during a pandemic lockdown. We have family in north Vancouver, bad image for a city usually so praised for resident happiness. Keep into the representative, motivate them to take it further.
  7. Davidwood1983

    Howdy, from Vancouver (not BC), Clark County (not Nevada) Washington (not DC)!

    Looks better there, very neat too. Don’t know what their issue was. Need to get the tenants on board and force a change. They just want an easy cheap life paid for with fuel and chemicals.
  8. Davidwood1983

    Howdy, from Vancouver (not BC), Clark County (not Nevada) Washington (not DC)!

    Looks really great. I think the answer is you can grow almost anything in planters if you have to. Sure it’s better to grow in ground but if your building managers are that annoying then planters will do the job, deeper the better. Who wants uniformity anyway?!?!
  9. Davidwood1983

    New asparagus bed

    Yes they are over wintering well with their own mulch plus sugarcane but I wondered if I could use this bed over winter at all. I have about the same size bed, it’s just a shame to not use it in the winter months.
  10. Davidwood1983

    New asparagus bed

    It’s 50:50 and seperate and the plan is to only use this for the first season and then have 100% asparagus. Now we are in winter most of the asparagus has died off, what can I plant there?
  11. Davidwood1983

    Self sufficient me live stream.

    Hope you’ve got your thermals on to pick those mandarins Mark. We dropped down to 4 deg here in beerwah last night and it hasn’t helped the origin mourning. I’ve got Thursday’s in the schedule now.
  12. Davidwood1983

    What is this yellow affecting baby squash leaves?

    Top image looks like a nutrient deficiency. Bottom a fungus or disease. Mg or Fe deficiency? Is watering correct? Either way I’d shade them from the late sun if you think the sun is too strong. Sorry I don’t know your zone. Don’t water the leaves and make sure the soil is tip top.
  13. Davidwood1983

    Food grade IBC for aquaponics

    Hi all, where can I easily buy food grade IBC totes in se Qld with delivery. I don’t trust the scavenger route and can’t transport myself anyway. Where can I buy them that delivers? Where did rob bob get his? thanks David
  14. Davidwood1983

    Planting out bananas

    Hi all, Ive had some tissue culture bananas inpots sinceDecember and they are big enough to go into the garden. Should I keep them potted until spring or plant them out now. Ie June, SE Qld, Australia. Will they be ok through the winter? We do get light frosts occasionally in winter. Thanks David
  15. Davidwood1983

    Native bee hives SE Qld

    Yeah really well. yeah really well. I have 3 hives now. Need to get an eduction on the original hive. Garden has definitely benefited too.
  16. Davidwood1983

    Self sufficient me live stream.

    Ah.. I missed it. Bit disappointed tbh. Was looking out for it everywhere.
  17. Davidwood1983

    Self sufficient me live stream.

    Sorry if it’s been discussed elsewhere, but where will the proposed livestream be announced? Will there be questions odd this forum? just want to make sure I catch it. Thanks
  18. Davidwood1983

    Strange world Phenomenon

    Leeks and onions for me. Don’t know anything about biodynamics but I know people swear by it.
  19. Davidwood1983

    what a difference a bit of humidity makes!!

    Spring can be very dry but once the rains start then yeah everything goes bananas. Including the weeds and pests... and snakes in the chook pen! Very lucky this year with the rain already.
  20. Davidwood1983

    Mid summer Growing ideas for Queensland

    Hi all, move just cleared out a bed from the spring crop and looking for something to replace it with but will be finished before the winter sowing. North of Brisbane,wet summer, preferably fruit fly safe. Plenty of tomatoes, chilli, eggplant, capsicum, pumpkin already in. Was going to put in...