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    Comment by 'daveb' in media '106_0430_1.00_05_22_12.Still004.jpg'

    probably to dense and waterlogged where roots could not get an air root formed and no O2 exchange to keep the roots health, even in my hydroponics there is a gap and in nft there is a surface area where exposed to air
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    Its time to PICKLE

    one additional step i do but most would know if the do canning i toss the lids and rings in the hot water when i boil the jars and after pour and seal and sit for little while i fill is tap and shake jar so as liquid fills any air bubbles get released
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    Comment by 'daveb' in media '106_0430_1.00_05_22_12.Still004.jpg'

    so how are they doing in the crystals ?
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    Dragon fruit cuttings

    i have always wanted to try one of those, i've seen the photos of the plant and it reminds me of a christmas cactus on steroids. i wish i could get hands on some here to grow in green house. I've looked for the fruit here numerous times and when ask any stores about it i get the look...
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    and for those friends down under with crops still to be harvested or those with some on hand here is a use for those extra zucchini , a friend took this recipe and made cupcakes last summer for her family get to gather. and in the frosting use the real almond extract not the imitation...
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    Its time to PICKLE

    very old pickle recipe this was my grandmothers dill pickles originally made just spears , but i also make chip and slicers, i personally add an extra clove of garlic in the bottom
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    My South Australian vegetable garden.

    if only serving a couple people you can use a smaller pumpkin 8 inch will feed a decent family size with leftovers :) i normally use 6 to 8 inch pumpkin 15 to 20 cm. used ground beef, sausage meat, venison , even cooked bacon and layer that in, like i said its a pot luck meal you just...
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    My South Australian vegetable garden.

    a friend here in states grows his butternut squash over what looks like an oversize arched grape arbor as he calls it, i would call it more a pergola , he has raised beds on each side of a patio area, the vines get trained up over the top so in affect in summer it shades a small sitting...
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    My South Australian vegetable garden.

    thank you ,,,so far not finding any in sellers list in the states
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    My South Australian vegetable garden.

    beautiful :-) well done . the one flower with you posing it next to face . is that the teddy bear sunflower
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    i actually met with Dr Kratky many years ago while i was on the islands, and use his method for part of my growing. i have worked with multiple systems and have found different systems give varying results and some vegetables see to like different grow systems for results. love...
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    i agree don't use tires / tyres for raised bed for vegetables, for flowers or decorative item maybe. A few years ago numerous companies were using them to make a material used in playgrounds they found the recycled material was causing breathing and other health problems in kids from off...
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    Question Cow Manure Alabama-USA

    not sure but ive used fresh in compost heaps and used it after three months without any issues. A farm here has piles they do for gardeners and wont wont sell for use anything less then 3 to 5 months old. I personally would compost it so it heats up real well for no less then three...
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    Question Mulch

    one main key not to use pine mulch the acidity, stay away from pine needles, oak or walnut leaves the tannins and acidity will kill off your plants , sugar cane mulch has a different texture and not as acidic as some. i use grass and leafs for mulch tossed in to compost and let it...
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    Question How Long Do Seeds Remain Viable?

    not really hit or miss , test current seed viability if 80% germinate they will last for good time in storage do a couple groups of each seed to test. a second option if you are looking for the most viable way to store seeds - vacuum seal them, this will reduce the amount of air in contact...
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    Question How Long Do Seeds Remain Viable?

    to insure at least a 50% germination many will last up to 5 years depending on temperature humidity and light exposure and the original crops seeds germination viability % , optimum is low 40s for most seeds and low to mid range humidity in dark, tomato seeds if stored proper can...
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    Question What type of tomato is this?

    i will have to look see if i can access some to try they look interesting
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    Strange world Phenomenon

    interesting thing on many hybrid seeds tho , as an example the fruit from a tomato plant from a hybrid in some cases is sterile ( no viable seed ) so to get seeds for next year the manufactures have to cross the same basic parent stock to get seeds for the next year, where as other...
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    Fruit fly decimating my Habaneros

    that looks more like the hover fly for part of the color specially with the black and yellow banding and it is common from what i can find in parts of Australia, usually they are beneficial because the like aphids and other similar small pest. normally more yellow bands on but there...
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    US state Vermont bans veg seed this true???

    yes walmart did that last year to cut down on foot traffic, i was lucky in that i had massive amounts of seeds on hand mostly lettuces and herbs but also large amounts of peppers and tomatoes in numerous variety i found a perfect solution to store seeds in the 20 and 40 dram plastic...