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    Question Favourite sauce recipes

    Definately keep me posted, I'm a huge hot sauce head and would love to get a recipe that is recommended. I've heard the fermented sauces are generally much better than those that aren't. Thanks
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    Question Favourite sauce recipes

    Hi everybody, recently finishing up my summer harvest in Victoria, Australia (we've had quite a warm start to autumn/fall). I have just processed a glut of green tomatoes and chillies and was wondering what everybody's go to is for making various sauces? I've just made: - green tomato sauce -...
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    ways to use a glut of chillies and capsicums

    My absolute favourite recipe to use up a mixed batch of chilli and capsicum is for chilli jam. Is absolutely delicious with a cheese platter or in toasted sandwiches. See below: 300g red chilli (a mix of hot and mild) 300g red capsicum 600ml apple cider vinegar 300ml pear cider vinegar...
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    Question Do you plant seeds or seedlings?

    I find that you have a greater selection of varieties when using seeds. This is why I generally propergate seeds inside before planting them outside once the weather is more agreeable.
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    New asparagus bed

    I think your right, these might not be best due to root disturbance when harvesting.
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    Its time to PICKLE

    I will have to try this recipe next time, personally I go through way to many Dill pickles to still be buying most of them.
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    Its time to PICKLE

    I usually preserve any excess fruit and veggies. Previously this has consisted mostly of chillies, onions, cucumbers and other chutney ingredients. This week with Victoria going back into lockdown i have just done my first batch of preserves lemons. What is everyone else doing to prevent...
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    New asparagus bed

    What does everybody plant in with their asparagus? I have 10 asparagus seedlings and depending on what ideas I get on growing partners will determine where I set up the beds.
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    Show me your pets (please)

    Labradors are the best, just a pity about the unavoidable hair everywhere. Beautiful dogs!
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    Show me your pets (please)

    My big dopey boy Baxter who is a 3 year old labrador, all cuddly and in your face around the family but an unexpectedly loud and menacing gaurd dog when people are near our boundary. The chickens are two of my 5 bantam Australorps, I also have a bantam Ancona in there as well.
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    I have heard that inbreeding can lead to reduced fertility. I would think the best move would be to keep your 4 newly hatched girls and source a new male from a different hatch.
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    Question Quails?

    Nice looking pen, I am interested how you went? Did you settle on a specific Quail breed and purpose (eggs/meat)? I currently keep bantam Australorps for fun and eggs but was looking for a meat bird to raise on my 993m2 house block. Quail were on top of that list as the flavour is superb and...
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    Question Fruit recommendations

    If you are after a bush you could consider kiwi berries? Additionally a little larger bush pomegranate? I guess it depends how long you're prepared to wait before fruit bearing age.
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    Veg Showcase My first ever potted tomato

    Congratulations on the first fruit! It's a great feeling growing your own food added bonus is the great taste.
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    Bokashi tea and liquid fertiliser

    I currently use a combination of Bokashi and Hot composting to breakdown all of my kitchen waste. Everything organic goes into my Bokashi (meat, egg shells, fruit and vegetables, left over drinks) once the bucket is filled I drain all excess liquid to a container for liquid fertilizer. The...
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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    Absolutely loved this series, makes you rethink what's important to grow and preserve. Thanks for doing the hard work for us to show us this fascinating journey. I will be preserving a significant amount more tomatoes after watching this series. I'm very curious to try the fermented tomatoes...
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    How to kill a Yucca ?

    I've heard you can drill a few holes in the stump, fill with tree poison and seal with wax/blutac. Alternatively to avoid using poisons you can have a fire on the stump, or dig around the roots and cut the stump out with a sabre saw.
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    Question Chickens throwing straw out of nesting boxes problem

    That's great feedback, thanks. I will look to switch it for a shavings next time I'm getting some bedding. I haven't had many cracked eggs at this point (2 in 2 months) but they do consistently throw the straw out.
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    lazy preserving of chilli

    This sounds like a great solution to an over announce of chillies. Thanks for the tip, I usually just dry and crush them when I've eaten enough fresh.
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    Veg Showcase Spring Lettuce, Cabbages And Things

    Produce is looking fantastic. How are you minimising bud in your brassicas? Currently 'growing a tonne' of cabbage, sprouts and broccoli. Bugs are beginning to give me grief. I am considering planting some Dill and coriander between to reduce pests.