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    Getting into it in central Florida!

    It's funny you say that because I've actually got about four of those big beds planned, with the 2nd started today. Then probably a dozen or so that are going to be roughly half that size. I would LOVE to build a gourd tunnel like he has, but maybe with some cucumbers or something. I figure I...
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    Growing Pineapple

    I was interested to find out recently how pineapples grow, that they can be grown in pots and moved around. This makes me think that maybe, I can grow them here in Adelaide. I was reading this thread: and see that there...
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    first cucumber problem!

    hi nicolej, I've no idea why you are having trouble with your cucumbers, could be that variety doesn't do so well in your area, could be the new garden bed, the thing is, to really know for sure you'd need to plant the ones that you had before that did really well, in that garden bed to be sure...
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    Getting into it in central Florida!

    welcome CW1989, your garden bed looks fantastic, what are you planning on growing in there?? won't be too long and you'll be needing quite a few of them, Marks videos are certainly inspiring aren't they!!
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    Hi New Here

    greetings and welcome saoutlaw, glad you found the forum, it is a bit quiet here lately but there is still loads of information available if you've the time and inclination to look around.
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    Tip Succession Planting Worksheet

    wow cwinds, you certainly put a lot of time and effort into that, thanks for sharing
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    Home BioGas Digester purchase

    there is an outlet at the back, you put a bucket or other container under and as waste goes in the front end, some liquids come out the other end :cowmoo: but I have noticed that some of the pellets of sheep poo that I put it to start with are also ending up in the liquids. The heat generated is...
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    Home BioGas Digester purchase

    hey all, thought I'd share my latest 'investment' in sustainability. I managed to take part in the Kick Starter Home BioGas Digester purchase at the end of 2019. With the usual expected delays plus those which occurred due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we've managed to get the system set up and...
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    Mid summer Growing ideas for Queensland

    if you can't think of anything edible perhaps a green manure crop to improve the soil? I've planted buckwheat and it goes really well in summer, needing heat but loving quite a bit of water, can't remember how quick a producer it was off hand though
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    Strange world Phenomenon

    especially a bamboo, aren't they near indestructable??
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    hello from central Victoria

    Hi and welcome ballamara, hydroponics sounds like the way to go for you, another, short term thing you could try is wicking pots? I make them out of 15litre buckets and just drill holes a little way up from the bottom so there is a 'reservoir' of damp/wet in the bottom of the bucket. I usually...
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    what a difference a bit of humidity makes!!

    HI everyone, I hope you all are having/have had a lovely time over the Christmas/New Year break!! This year, I managed to get a quick trip in to visit some family in Brisbane and have just got back. I've been before to see them at different places in Queensland but this is the first time that...
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    Eating early Turmeric

    Hi DRoyal, I just did a quick google search and it says it takes 10 months for your turmeric to mature, the leaves dying is a good indication I guess. I'll put the link below though, in case you haven't had yours in the ground/pots for that long...
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    Hello from Thaïland

    Hello and welcome oalex71, if you are in a sub tropical area, this is the place to be :) lots of members in the same situation and have great gardens. All the best to you and have a Happy New Year too.
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    Hello and welcome TinNC, I successfully grew and processed Stevia quite some years ago - only thing is, I didn't research enough and only dried the leaves which ended up tasting like sweet grass :rolleyes: and haven't tried again since. I did find out that you can use the leaves, stems and...