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    Self-Sufficient Photo of the Month - Dec/2016

    Dear Members, This month, thanks to your votes, Mikielives image has been awarded Self-Sufficient Photo of the Month Dec/2016. View the media page. Thank you to all the participants and come back next month for our new Self-Sufficient Photo of the Month Contest ! Admin SSC
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    Question Which food strainer, mill, press, cold juicer to make sauce or jams?

    Mark, Not sure if you ever found something to strain your toms. I purchased an attachment for my KitchenAid mixer and it works very well. I have used it on tomatoes and to strain my fermented pepper sauce.
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    I found the best alternative to making paste is to dehydrate home made tomato sauce until it is crisp (leather). I take the leather and grind it into a powder and very small flakes in a food processor. Then if I want to amp up a quart of home canned tomatoes I add 2 to 3 tablespoons and the...
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    Merry Christmas everyone! 2016

    "Cheers to stevo!" I say with a goofy grin as I hold up a glass of my home made honey elixir...."to your good health stevo!"
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    Merry Christmas everyone! 2016

    Heres a special Christmas treat from the Great White North USA!! Copy and paste in browser if link is not active.
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    Merry Christmas everyone! 2016

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Mark. Thanks for the work you do and for this platform where we all are able to share our experience and thoughts. A great site! ( I write this it is the 24th, tomorrow is Christmas here. I hope Santa didn't run out of gifts after loading you Aussies...
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    Christmas Dinner

    !! I guess we think alike. I handed out gift boxes with my home preserved foods and some Zucchini and Butternut bread. They loved them.
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    We have been married for some time Cliss. A figure of speech I guess.
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    A Birds Life

    Yes, the red breasted Robin or the North American Robin. They do appear on Christmas cards due to the face they appear in the spring making them a symbol of new life.
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    Christmas Dinner

    Some thing on my mind.. (tried to load on the blog tab but kept getting an error) My bride and I have been asked that question so many times! "Why do you grow so much and work so hard?" There have been instances where my wife actually felt uneasy because the person actually seemed as though what...
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    Another local says "Hi"

    Have a great day LIN!
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    Good evening from Mikielives

    Yhanks Stevo. Yep, got a roomy work shop to keep me busy.
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    Link did not work.

    Link did not work.
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    Nanna's frozen berries Hep A should be a wake-up call

    Mary, please explain what you mean by the above statement. To me,, chook being a chicken means your afraid of peppers. I get the feeling you don't mean this.