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    Hello From Melbourne

    @Mr5150 Welcome to the group. You have a lovely plan going on over there. Enjoy the journey of building your own backyard supermarket. Unfortunately, not many out there see it the way us gardeners do. the benefits of growing your own food. The other day, my friend down the road mentioned that...
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    Hello all!

    Onya, Mitch...welcome to the group. It sure is wonderful sharing garden tips and interacting with other gardeners in the group. We're a global group too so we get to hear other growing zones and their garden stories. Our Mark is wonderful and just an overall nice person. I enjoy his videos an...
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    Greetings from Chicagoland!

    @Roekinn Welcome to the group. I love Charles Dowding's 'no dig' method, it works great. It's that simple, just follow his easy steps and you have a garden going. He did say for a while any weeds you see come up just add more cardboard until you have a handle on it. I'm doing a few 'no dig'...
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    First Time Fruit Tree

    @LeahB Great post, I thoroughly enjoy the read. I agree with your growing tips.
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    Frost protection

    @LeahB It's not really an issue for me unless it's an alien plant to my area like a mango tree. If I have to, I will pop a bucket on the top.
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    Greetings from Brazil!

    @gabi.fisio011 It’s not as bad as it sounds. We’re not living on barren land LOL. You can grow everything you can grow in Adelaide including some sub-tropical plants and fruit. We have your usual wet, cold and hot weather here. Too much rain, we whine about it, and, the same when it gets too...
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    Greetings from Brazil!

    @gabi.fisio011 They grow better up north here in Australia. One day, I will get some cane to try in Adelaide. You’re growing what we’re growing right now except for the beans, it’s too cold. Snow peas are a favourite, I can’t wait to snack on them. I have some late garlic to put in this week...
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    Wood chip mulch

    It sounds lovely. Source some local prairie plants to add to it. I love that look but I don't like snakes hiding in the field. They creep me out.
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    Veg Showcase Rooftop garden build

    @Geo Impressive setup. You could run solar irrigation to help with watering. I reckon wicking buckets would work up there too.
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    Question Orange tree

    They're water sprouts, you can cut them out. But, with some trees, people trim them to go with the shape of the tree. You will find them in fig trees, apples,...blah No biggie.
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    Question White powder on leaves

    @Robbie Yep, a white blister or white rust
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    Question Equipment / Jars Recommendations Fermentation (UK based)

    @Ezyesta I use the wide-mouth Ball Mason jars (if you can find any at the store). Or, look for any wide-mouth jar with a lid. If you don't have an airlock just remember to burp it during fermentation.
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    First Rhubarb crisp of the year

    Sounds delicious. I've never done the crisps but have with pies and jam. Rhubarb with strawberries together....yummo!
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    @DThille I'm a chook (chicken) when it comes to hot stuff LOL I leave it alone. I'm glad you use it and make your own preserves, how cool.
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    Hi, I'm Heather from Clunes in Central Victoria.

    @Central Vic Gardner Start your fruit trees straight away so you get to enjoy them sooner. When I first saw Mark's orchard, I was hooked. Each year, I add a fruit tree to my yard.