Mary Playford

I am originally from the Cook Islands and I live in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. I have a daughter and she is 30. I came from a market grower family, so naturally, I am a gardener. I don’t do much except watch the weeds grow in my garden ….kiddin’ LOL

I started growing more food instead of flowers in the last 4 years. I enjoy exercise and eating fresh produce. I don’t have a particular way of growing my food, I just stick them in the ground and tell them to grow. My father would frown at my method but I always manage to produce something yum.

I interact in garden groups and canning/preserving groups on facebook and youtube. I have a writer’s interest and I would like to be a great storyteller like my Mum someday.

I love mangoes and plants like gardenias and frangipanis/plumerias that reminded me of my childhood.
Elizabeth, Adelaide, South Australia.
Temperate (all seasons)




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