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    Self sufficient me live stream.

    Mark set up his new live stream schedule: Feel free to mark your calendar/set your reminders.
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    Hi from North Brisbane

    Hi @Macshazz ! Welcome!
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    Veg Showcase Rooftop garden build

    Hi all! Thanks to @AndrewB for giving me the idea to start such a thread. Last year I started some plants in pots on the top of my garage. They grew somewhat... but during the year I built up on it, made myself a tumble composter and started this year with a lot of hope... and plenty of...
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    Anyone ready for some cherry harvest :) ?
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    Self sufficient me live stream.

    Hi all! Mark has scheduled his next live stream: Feel free to join/set reminders!
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    Self sufficient me live stream.

    For those of us that were not tuned in :(
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    Self sufficient me live stream.

    Me too. I guess the reminder thing did not work out. I've reached out to him though - next time will be better.
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    Self sufficient me live stream.

    Hi David! We're happy to see your interest into the SSM live stream. Mark has been working a lot these past few weeks and, while mentioning he was going to to the live stream Wednesday or Thursday he's also been really caught up last weekend and may end up postponing it for a bit. Please make...
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    Comment by 'Geo' in media '106_0430_1.00_05_22_12.Still004.jpg'

    That's too bad my friend...
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    Hi from Florida

    Hi and welcome! :) Your crop indeed sounds yummy! Feel free to showcase your accomplishments and your tries. Good luck!
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    Just Saying Hello

    Welcome @danogee !
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    Good job experimenting :)
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    G'day from SA

    Welcome MadBuckers! Congrats on your built house and feel free to search and share gardening experiences :)
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    Comment by 'Geo' in media 'ginger-harvest-2020.jpg'

    Good luck! I'm rootin' for you! :)
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    Help me

    Hi Msbling - it's probably best to introduce yourself by posting here - and maybe add some pictures of the property and plants that you want to collect, so that people may know you better :)