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    Raised bed questions

    Assuming that the depth of the beds is around waist height (the similar ones I found here in Canada have a range of heights), I wouldn’t worry about lining below. That’s a long way to go without light. I followed Mark’s Hugelkultur style with logs / branches followed by leaves / yard waste...
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    Vole Problems in my Birdies

    The voles we have here in Manitoba are about the same size as a mouse. I suspect you may have something bigger. We have had squirrels in the wooden raised bed we got from Lee Valley Tools a number of years ago. Good luck.
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    Diet Change showing results

    Thanks Ron. The rate of weight change has slowed, but I’m most pleased with my blood pressure numbers. I really like the idea of reducing / eliminating medications. Great to hear about B12. I guess it just goes to show that we can’t necessarily trust a single source, even if they are...
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    Wood chip mulch

    I was going to start a new thread, but figure it fits here. Lessons learned using wood mulch: I’ve found that playing around in the much can lead to very fine slivers, so I’ve taken to wearing leather gloves when working in the raised beds. This has positives and negatives and I wind up...
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    Diet Change showing results

    Stick with it. I believe discipline can come from a decision (conscious or not). If you get tired / frustrated enough with the present state of things, and decide to change, you can make progress. Progress not perfection. Good luck with progress.
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    Diet Change showing results

    In late April / early May, I took in part of the Food Revolution Summit (from I was inspired to make some changes. Now, I’m not prepared to go the vegan route (I think that if vitamin B12 is necessary and our only primary source is from animal products, the logical...
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    A Blooming Good Day

    Yesterday I was at our country place and was pleased to see the 16 cherry trees in bloom as well as the sturdiest apple tree and a few Saskatoon berry plants. I didn't look closely enough to see whether the currants were in flower or past that stage (not a dramatic bloom). I also positively...
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    Wood chip mulch

    We don't really have many snakes in this part of the world...there's only one poisonous one in Manitoba, the prairie rattlesnake. We do have garter snakes, which are relatively small, but I haven't encountered any at our property. Anything that helps with mice and voles out there I'm happy with.
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    In limited amounts, it doesn't come across as hot per se. Going back to having processed it with my father, that summer we had a visit from an aunt and uncle. Uncle Noel stated he loved horseradish and liked to spread it on bread. So, he proceeded to layer about a 1/4" thick on a piece of...
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    You can’t kill this stuff. I’m grateful for that. I remember growing up, one day out picking berries with my father (likely what we call Saskatoon berries...Amelanchier alnifolia), my father stopped as he saw horseradish growing in an old abandoned farmyard. That’s when I learned a bit...
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    First Rhubarb crisp of the year

    We had a lovely day today, getting to 26 C according to Environment Canada with a mix of sun and cloud. Aside from a bit of puttering in the raised beds (transplanted kale plants today), I elected to cut the grass. In that process, I noted that the rhubarb in front of the house was looking...
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    I know what I’ll be doing this weekend...

    This past week, She Who Must Be Obeyed was off work (it was the second time we were slated to be on a photo safari in South Africa ) and went to a local nursery. She came home with work. Aside from some vegetable starts, she came home with 4 haskaps, a nine bark, and lilac to plant in the...
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    Self sufficient me live stream.

    So that would be Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. for me here in Central Time in North America according to this Time Zone Converter
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    First Time Fruit Tree

    I come from a much cooler zone (3). I think you got a lot of good advice from LeahB. My biggest challenge with my apples has been excluding the snowshoe hares in the winter.
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    I know what I’ll be doing this weekend...

    This shipment arrived today. Based on my schedule I guess it will be Sunday that I take them out to the acreage for planting. Things are still a bit cool here (in the 10 C / 50 F range), but our typical last frost is about 2-3 weeks away so we are gearing up. She Who Must Be Obeyed is off...