What would dig this hole?

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    Hi Folks,
    This is a new impromptu bed where I was planning to throw in some watermelon, pumpkin etc and see how they go without too much fuss. It’s fenced off from my dog (it’s only a 400 mm high chicken wire but enough to stop him unless he was chasing a turkey or something. Anyway there was a pumpkin seedling where this hole is and this is how I found it this morning. The bush turkeys often come over the back fence but I doubt they would dig a hole like this? I can only assume whatever it was might have been after the fertiliser pellets I would have mixed in with the soil under the seedling. So around here we have:
    My dog
    Bush turkeys destroying people’s gardens at the moment
    A cat that lives up the back
    Pythons and the odd brown snake
    I would assume the odd bush rat
    What do u guys think would be most likely the culprit? As you can see by t he photos the young watermelon and tomato plants are untouched so you would think a dog or a turkey would trample the lot.
    What do you reckon? Would a cat do this?
    724DFA2C-3D55-442C-9F04-55A3D3027F1D.jpeg 667440C6-AB95-411D-AF01-DE07876535BC.jpeg FBD546FB-B32E-47D7-99CD-21721D6FD3D4.jpeg
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    Casting a forensic eye across the shape and depth of this pair of holes, I came up with the following culprits.

    Bandicoots, dog, possum, rat.

    Not bush chook or echidna which also dig big holes but push the spoil to the sides.
    Probably not the cat as they are less likely to dig without good reason and don't like digging in dirty soil unless there's no choice.

    The fact that the seedlings are still ok I think is purely good luck.

    The 2 most like culprits are bandicoot or rat.
    Bandicoots would be looking for worms or beetle larvae (witchetty grubs), while the rat would be after the chook manure pellets or the seed.

    If you have some wire netting or bird netting, lay it over the ground until the seedlings are big enough to look after themselves.

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