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Discussion in 'Other' started by Perry, Oct 12, 2017.

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    My daughter has paddock that has small eucalyptus trees growing. They are about 2 to 3 foot high. He husband was given a litre of Tordon, Double Strength. They asked me how much they should use for a 2 lt Spray Bottle. They need to spray all over the trees. I do not know so I thought I would ask you people.
    I would appreciate your help please.
    Cheers Perry
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    Perry how come the bottle doesn't have the instructions on it?
    I always thought tordon was an injectable so I would say such small trees had a trunk that was too small to inject.
    The best people to ask are at your local rural supplies store.
    I am probably the most rural person on this forum & it is not something I am very familiar with as I would not use it.
    Although co-incidentally, as a very young teenager I did work for the man who invented the injection machine for tordoning full grown gum trees.
    Most people here want to grow fruit, veg & small farm animals as chemical free as possible.
    So tordon is not something we would usually use.
    Trees or regrowth up to 8ft tall can be slashed a number of times to kill them.
    Go to your rural store, Perry. They will know what dilution that chemical requires & what type of surfactant it needs.
    Do remember that many chemicals are only supposed to be applied by qualified & licenced contractors.
    Sometimes the people at the rural shop will not be allowed to give you that sort of info if the chemical falls into the category of restricted use (requiring a licence).
    The other place to look is google. You will probably find what you want to know there.
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