Tigger melon


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Jul 15, 2020
Temperate (all seasons)
Just harvested my first one. Great little melon, and I had never heard of them, so I thought I should share here. I don't even remember how I got the seeds. They are in a non-descript homemade-looking packet with very little information. Turns out they are heirloom, so I have saved the seeds from my first melon this year for next year.

The taste is very mild, not super sweet. The melon itself is beautiful, and only about the size of an orange. I thought maybe mine was stunted, but when I looked them up on the computer, they are all that size. The flesh is a creamy vanilla.

They would be a great melon in a kid's garden, because they are very cool, even before they ripen up. Once they ripen, they pretty much fall of the vine into your hand, so no guessing as to when to harvest. And their size is just right for smaller hands.

Here is pic of half a melon. Sorry, didn't think to take the pic until after I had sliced into it and tasted it.