Suitable & alternative wormers Info for worming chickens, etc.


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Sep 27, 2015
Pomona, Qld
This is a follow up from another thread.

I have posted these links about Moxidectin Plus because its what I use but you can also use ivermectin. I currently don't have an online source of plain ivermectin.

The added praziquantel (the 'Plus' part) in the moxi+ does the tapeworms which is a good thing these days.

Moxidectin plus is available through a couple of online sources.

Here's a couple more links to pages regarding moxidectin plus:-

Here's a big one for you to read if you like scientific literature! Check the posts at the bottom for pier review papers regarding off-label use in food birds.

Hopefully other readers can add links to other suitable wormers for our feathered friends?
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