Solstice 2016

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    This year we have an unusual event occurring which is a full moon on the same day as the winter solstice.

    The last time this happened in Australia was June 1986.
    I'm not sure if these two events are happening simultaneously to the minute or if there are minutes or hours between them but still it is note worthy.

    The American Indians apparently call it a Strawberry moon because they plant their sweet crops in conjunction with this event. However I think there might be a bit of artistic licence involved in that explanation because 'strawberries' were only invented in the last 100yrs or so! This moon/solstice event is relatively rare so not many in that time frame.

    I was on military exercise in 1986 & knew it was occurring so I took my good camera to photograph the event.
    I got evening photos of the full moon rising as the sun set.
    Next morning I got luminescent photos of the moon setting & sun rising over a heavily frosted treeless plain in central western Queensland. Quite surreal.
    The night had been quite light & hard to sleep through especially under hootchies & covered in frost!
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