Question Soil improvement in Laidley Heights, Qld, Australia.

Mac McDermott

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Feb 20, 2020
Laidley Heights
Temperate (all seasons)
Hi Mark and friends,

Love the channel.

I’m looking to retire to Laidley Heights. Have a block and am looking to build. Am also looking to have an orchard and a market garden for self sufficiency.

Soil test was a surprise. Down six feet across the whole two acre block is solid clay. Was looking to do raised beds anyway.

Am wondering if anyone can comment on this idea - I’ll use the spoil from the building ground-works and get a cement mixer, toss in four shovels of clay, a shovel of bush chip, a shovel of decomposed granite and a shovel of compost and let the lot mix up. Then use that admixture as the cover for the Hügelkultur beds.

Would this break down the clay and, over time turn into a usable soil? Time is on my side. I’d rather not get in a lot of imported soil. Nor do I want to add a lot of gypsum to the clay as I’ve been told that many plants don’t like a soil made this way.

Any and a;; advice appreciated.

Kind regards,