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Question Quail keeping

Discussion in 'Poultry, Domestic Livestock, Pets, & Bees' started by Sigrun, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Sigrun

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    Oct 10, 2018
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    Hi hi everybody
    I have had quails for about 6 years now and love those birds. And the eggs are fantastic.
    Im trying to have some kind of free range, 8 m2. Lots of stuff, nesting playses and to hide and play with.
    Have 2 questions: i need tags on them, the 1 cm clip on is a bit big on most of them. Should i just get 8mm because i cant find any tags in 6mm.
    Also got about 40 laying hens from another farmer and many of them are totally naked, i have never seen anything like it. Has anybody advizes or at least a reason for it.
    They also have VERY swollen feets, some so bad they limp
    Is anything i can do for them ?
    With kind regards,

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