Pickled Radishes


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Feb 7, 2020
Temperate (all seasons)
So a little something I like to do with a harvest of fresh radishes, garden grown or from the fruit and veg store, is to pickle them. Goes well with a charcuterie board with cold meats, cheese and crackers as it cuts through the fat. Pairs well with a fatty or spicy salami, prosciutto etc.

The recipe can be altered to suit your own personal taste so if you like more of a vinegar kick, add more vinegar. Like it saltier or sweeter, add more or less sugar and salt until it is to your liking.

Recipe is as follows but isn't exact as it is from memory and like mentioned above, it can be changed to your own taste.

Jars to store
2-3 bunches of radishes
1 and 1/2 cups white vinegar
2 cups of water (pure tap or distilled if possible)
1/2 cup of white sugar
1/4 cup salt
1/4 cup of pickling spice (black peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds)

1. Trim and wash radishes removing the tops.
2. Place washed whole radishes and some of the tops into the jars.
3. Divide the pickling spice between the jars adding more if needed.
4. Place the white vinegar, water, salt and sugar into a pot and bring to the boil.
5. Once the brine has boiled, remove it from the heat and pour over the radishes in the jars.
6. Place lids on top, let cool and then store in a cool dry place for 1 month.

After 1 month they should be ready to enjoy and will keep for awhile if they aren't gobbled up.
If you like a softer more flavorful pickled radish, leave for longer.

I have neighbors asking for me to make them some of these pickled radishes after they first tried them at a little new years get together we had and they were in love, and hopefully you will too.

Cheers all and have a good one.

PS. Like I was, you will be amazed as what they look like on the inside when cut open. Reminds me of a pink and white tie dye design.


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Sep 22, 2019
Hi Jacob these sound pretty good I love radish and I loved pickled stuff so when I get the next batch of radish in this will be a happening thing. Cheers Dave