Passionfruit ripening


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Sep 27, 2015
Pomona, Qld
I recently watched a documentary on tv about the ancient Persian Zoroastrian quadrant style gardens being the precursor to the Islamic pleasure paradise gardens in an area now located in southern Iran.
I was particularly interested in the water management strategies created by Cyrus the Great at Pasargadae which was the center of his empire of Achaemenid. Its an archeological site now being excavated to reveal the fantastic stone lined channels that brought the melt water from the mountains.

The documentary also detailed the Bagh-e Fin Paradise pleasure garden at Kashan.

I would love to have experienced these gardens in person, but now being old and not in good health, I am restricted to plane flights of an hour at most.
So Mojtaba I thank you kindly for your invite, but these days the best I can do is traveling via the internet!
Its one reason I love seeing the photos of people's gardens. And I still love learning!

For the soil brought in for your house, add compost. Think about all the ways you can get hold of the ingredients for free. I must add here that the making of large amounts of compost is a young fit person's job! Its hard work and good exercise! Make a big pile in layers of green or brown waste materials such as kitchen scraps, lawn clippings, shrub and garden prunings all chopped up, dead leaves raked up, grass or hay chopped up, small amounts of animal manures scattered throughout the layers. Add some water (not so much that runs away). Cover with old carpet or bags to prevent drying out. Turn it each week to aerate then let it heat up again. It needs to get quite hot! Repeat until it begins breaking down into black crumbly stuff, (6weeks in summer, 3 months in colder weather). It has to be aerated by turning regularly to keep it heating and maybe add an extra bit of water if its dry. Then it's ready to use to dig into your soil where you wish to put a plant.

Upcycle weeds into weed tea. Add a small amount of chicken manure to each 'teabag'. A 'teabag' could be just an old pillow case or old net or mesh curtain or 1m square piece of shade cloth pulled together at the corners so the weeds don't fall out and tied with twine. Allow the 'teabag' to steep (soak) in water in a garbage bin with the lid on tightly so flies don't lay eggs in it. After 3 months use the water to make liquid fertilizer at a strength of one part weed tea to 9 parts water. Use this to feed your garden plants. It will smell bad a bit!

Be careful when using household water because it has a lot of cleaning products and soaps in it which are toxic to plants if not heavily diluted first. That's what I was talking about when I wrote about the salts in the water.


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Sep 23, 2019
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ClissAT, your responses here have been very considered and very informative. Even though I have a vastly different growing climate and soil condition to Mojtaba, I found myself very keen to review your posts. Once again, I thank you for the contributions we receive. Best wishes, Dan