ongrid water bills?


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May 17, 2018
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It's a big subject on talkback radio at the moment in SA. Our utilities are the dearest in Australia. Yes, nearly all access and service fees. Our lovely State government just raised the Emergency Services Levy. Bills for this have gone up between 200 and 1000% !!! And the dirty grubs aren't spending ANY of it on Ambos or Firies-their funding has been cut! Country volunteer firies are running raffles to buy equipment, now they're really jacking up and threatening to quit! Bloody guvment parasites. Too many levels of administration in duplicate and triplicate. Too many shiny-bummed do-gooders sponging all the money. Our wind power here now means we export more power interstate than we use- but the bills keep going up. Is it any wonder I have been a cynic for years? A bloody good cleanout is whats needed. Send 'em all to Manus Island for a lesson in human rights, I say!
Cynic or not, I completely agree with you...
I live mostly with a frugal pocket in mind. Mostly watch what I use. Mostly just use what I need. So why a $900 bill this quarter? Can only imagine what it would have been like if I used it as often as I wanted. I am furious. It's just me and the doc and he has to go out and get a part time job just to keep me in a manner of like to became accustomed to. The blasted company has a cheek to tell me I had used more than same time last year...twelve months ago I didn't have walls in two rooms, no insulation and your could see the sky from the floor.. .me thinkst they lieth toeth mucheth ..