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    May 27, 2012
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'll cut right to the chase, the reason why I haven't been as active here on SSC as much as I would like over the past 12 months is due to how busy I am trying to stretch my presence over several other platforms.

    I'm not complaining at all, but due to the extra attention my YouTube channel has received lately I've had to devote more time replying to comments (on FB, YT, IG, emails, Patreon); creating videos; and attending events; etc.

    This has meant that I physically don't get the time to browse SSC and get involved as much as I used to and still want (don't forget I created this site so that I could interact more with likeminded people like you) so the fact that I'm not is disappointing to me and I'm looking at ways to manage my time better in order to spend more time having fun here.

    And, I've been still doing the "home dad" thing whilst Nina is working full-time although her current job is ending soon so I'm keen to have her be my PA for several weeks - this should help heaps!

    Regardless, I just wanted to let you know (again) that the SSC community and its members are very important to me and as long as this forum continues to be supported by you guys I'll always do my best to be as active myself as possible.

    Finally, as I have stated in other threads, I'm committed to improving our forum through updates and features. There's a lot of room for improvements and better features to make SSC current, easy to use, interesting, and safe so watch this space.

    Cheers :)
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    Sep 27, 2015
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    Oh ok Mark, we'll let you off just this once!! :p:D:twothumbsup:

    Things are ticking along here quietly.
    It's nice to come here and read what others around the world are doing, growing or thinking about.

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