Mark's video : 8 Garden Products That I WASTED My Money On


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Dec 22, 2019
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Saw Mark's video today called "8 Garden Products That I WASTED My Money On".

I guess we have all been there. Had to laugh when I saw Mark discussing this Ozito mulcher. I bought this Ryobi one years ago but what a PITA is was. Didn't mulch leaves well, always jammed up even with the smallest of branches,which meant pulling the bugger apart all the time. Spent more time getting it to run than using it. After sitting the garage unused for many years I biffed it and have not missed it at all.

Mark, re the Amgrow Wettasoil. I had actually bought that product (bucket) pre Xmas and finally got around to spreading it on the lawn yesterday (before I saw this video) given the forecast for rain in Sydney. I too am a little skeptical but I thought I'd give it a bash as my lawn's soil surfaces are pretty hard and shinny with surface water resistant given the ongoing drought.

I've used the Seasol spray on soil wetting product. A bit of a pain to activate once sprayed onto the lawn but I did see an improvement with the hardened lawn surface's ability to absorb water. Regardless I gave the Amgrow a try this time given it was slow release. Will see how it works out.

As for other garden tools / items I've bought and thought what a POS....the Cyclone Soft Touch Trowel Hand Tool below wilts at the first sign of hard ground and the narrow neck bends. Nice idea having inch/cm's depth guage on the face but still an item that can't handled anything more than potting soil.

For the same price, the Fiskars Aluminium Trowel (below) is solid and can handle abuse. Much better product.

Re raised garden beds, I saw your vid on that Bunnings bought one a while back and steered clear of same. Thanks for vid heads up. I did however buy Merino Raised Garden Bed from Bunnings for $20.00 Aug/Sept last year (and another recently). As it has screwed in panels, and not too high, I expect to get a few year out of them before the plastic corners give away, then I'll just drive in some stakes and tie off. Till then, for $20.00 I'm, not whinging.



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Sep 27, 2015
Pomona, Qld
I'm sure I've got 8 things sitting around my place also.
But one that did do a good job but finally broke was my cheap AMG electric chipper purchased second hand 14yrs ago.
I used to make mountains of compost from shrub prunings all put through that quiet little beast. I got a second for free as parts to keep the original going because I could see I wasn't going to be able to replace it.
Last year it finally met its maker.:(
So I went big for a replacement, but it might surprise you that it would be one of the things now sitting around my place unused!
The big green beast just doesn't cut the mustard.
So no more compost, yet mounds of dead leaves and branches laying everywhere in my garden now.
Definitely Yes to the Chinese crap of all descriptions! I got burnt with water pumps, greenhouse, hand tools, watering cans, two stroke fuel tins, safety gear, outdoor blinds, fertilizer and care products, garden hoses with components and irrigation pieces that mimic good brands so well you can't tell the difference, so get sucked in.

I've always been happy to save up for the good brand, preferably made in OZ, but these days the good brand has been bought out by the cheap brand so there's no option anymore.
That really pi€€es me off! :fighthey:

Re the watering can issue, it got so bad I got a galvanized steel one via Britain but handmade in Yugoslavia. Cost over $100 by the time I got it here, then as my shoulders failed, it became too heavy to use easily. I still use it occasionally, but now more than ever, I'm forced to use the cheap plastic one with the crappy rose! :facepalm:
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Cheryl Smyth

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Jan 17, 2020
What I like most about the video: it shows so much of Mark's beautiful place!!!!
Finding inspirational gardening tools Also can be a challenge;)
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Gerry C

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Feb 7, 2020
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Those cheap electric mulchers have to be the top of nearly everyone's list!
I bought an Ozito one to chop up tree prunings to add to the compost.
On dry items creates clouds of dust and very little output and jams with
green prunings.
It sits in the shed collecting dust and I use an old mower to mulch up the prunings - works fine.


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Sep 23, 2019
Brisbane (SW suburbs)
I bought a chipper chopper several years ago. It was pretty good for small stuff, not fibrous. Very slow with anything substantial. I am now trying to convince myself that the Hansa 13hp mulcher like Mark's, is an investment I can justify.

A little story on the Chipper Chopper. I had wanted Felco secateurs for a long, long time. My wonderful bride bought me a pair and I was biting at the bit to use them. I took some pruned vegetation and was putting them in the shute. Sadly, I had placed my knew Felcos on the top lip and they fell down the shute. No trouble to the Chipper Chopper- mulched those Felcos very quickly!