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Discussion in 'Fruit & Vegetable Growing' started by Flatland, May 1, 2017.

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    I make liquid manure using horse poo. I have been wondering if I would get a better product if I used chicken poo. Using it in veggie garden, orchard & for growing my pepper trees in very sandy soil
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    Any thing that adds friable organic matter to sand is worth the effort, Flatland.

    Be a little careful with straight chicken poo. Mix it with your horse poo. If I remember correctly from a permaculture lesson I did many years go, it should be around the ratio of 8-1, horse/cow/etc to chicken.
    But your sandy soil could possibly absorb a higher ratio.
    Also needs to be well composted before using for liquid apparently.
    Although I must admit I have been sufficiently impatient to use fresh chickpoo in my liquid brew without apparent problems.

    Today I got a ute load of free goat poo already bagged & partly composted from a lovely lady not far from me.
    I now have an on-going supply since they recently moved to a largish acreage.
    Their boar goats are pets mostly, along with some cows.
    Although not organic, it will aid my soil immensely.
    As my fruit ripens, I'll take them some fruit as thanks for the great goat poo.
    I also got a load of free secondhand fence posts & rails from them too.
    If you need it, it will soon appear on Gumtree freebies!

    So I will be making some liquid manure for sure, mostly to water onto my bathtub beds that are going great guns.
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