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    Perth Western Australia
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    Hi all, I’ve been gardening for probably 20 years but only edible gardening for around 10 years since we moved to Australia from NZ. Built our home 3 1/2 years ago and I’ve gone from ornamentals to edibles after watching some very talented people on YouTube and a few private garden visits. I’ve been doing Aquaponics for just over a year now and went from a 800L fish tank to 2200L tank and more growbeds to expand our trout numbers and to grow more fruit and veges. I have many dragon fruit trees and a mango and avocado and lemon and mandarin tree and will get more as we go on. Watching Marks videos along with a couple of my other favourite people has really started a fire and passion within me to do more with our space. Looking forward to plenty of reading on here too.

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