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Just an oldie, back to nosy around :smug:

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mary Playford, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Mary Playford

    Mary Playford Well-Known Member Premium Member GOLD

    Oct 24, 2014
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    Elizabeth, Adelaide, South Australia.
    Temperate (all seasons)
    I have been struggling with health issues for a while and I just started back doing more gardening this year. Mark never ceases to amaze me with the growth of his passion, and it's inspiring and encouraging. I have a young fruit forest in my backyard and front yard. And, I am adding more fruit trees as I go. We have been enjoying the fruit in the last 4 years. I try and keep my trees to a manageable height and so far they adapt.

    I have a few garden beds at the front and backyard One day, I would like to upgrade to a no bend over garden beds. We are getting hotter each year, so I am also going to grow some of my veggies under the fruit trees.

    I love learning about propagating plants either by cuttings, air-layering, or dividing. I like to learn more about grafting. My first attempt failed. I guess I lack patience. I also like hybridizing. I also like to grow tropical fruit and plants even if they are not native to my area. I have an avocado, I grew from seeds. I also have mangoes, ice cream, guava, frangipani/plumeria, sugarcane, pineapple. My first attempt with them didn't go well. I know they will grow and fruit in Adelaide, so I started some new ones.

    I lack discipline in getting my plants in or sowing seeds on time. I just keep at it. No one is chasing me around the garden to get it done :yahoo::nuts:

    To the Aussies stay warm and to our Internation friends, stay cool :wave:
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  2. Mark

    Mark Founder Staff Member

    May 27, 2012
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    Bellmere, QLD
    LOL hey, Mary it happens to all of us! The main thing is we keep at it...

    Hope you're starting to come good (health wise) :)
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