How to eat globe artichoke if already opening

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    Here is a recipe I learnt from my mum when she used to cook artichokes for my Spanish step father in Darwin. I remembered this recipe from when I was 6 years old because soon after we moved from Darwin (after living through Cyclone Tracey) they divorced and she never cooked artichoke ever again.

    For some reason (probably the taste) I never forgot the experience as a young boy and now that I grow my own artichokes and have boys of my own we cook the artichoke flowers up and everyone loves eating it for a snack (as you would chips or popcorn).

    My brother watched this video (he wasn't even born at the time of my first artichoke experience) and he commented that it looks like a lot of hard work to do. In fact, preparing and eating an opening artichoke flower is not difficult at all and is similar to cooking any other vegetable.

    Cooked artichoke tastes slightly different to the antipasto or brine versions. My wife prefers my cooked version over the other ways to present the artichoke hearts.

    Typically, artichokes are harvested as a bud before the petals start to open. It's at this stage when the heart of the artichoke is fully edible. Once the artichoke bud has started to open, the heart quickly turns into a furry mass which can't be eaten.

    However, as I demonstrate in the video even though the initial harvesting time may have passed the opening artichoke can still be eaten! Many people do not realise this but of course European and South American cultures have always known this trick.


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