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Jan 23, 2014
Hi there everyone, I have just joined and cant wait to post a few things here and there on this great site as I have just started as a Thermomix consultant as I am trying to do something that is just for me away from the kids as I have been able to stay home with them for 3 years now and it is time to do something for me. Since having my Thermomix I have changed the way I cook for family and we are now making most things from scratch and have very little preservatives, sugars etc in our food. Can't wait to share some great wholefood recipes that I have come across on my family's new food journey.

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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
Hi @Jacinda and welcome to SSC :)

Looking forward to seeing some of your recipes with your Thermomix - I've heard they can do just about everything!

Just a heads up, we have a recipe forum (which you've probably seen) and you can also use our Showcase section by simply "creating an item" in the recipe category (showcase items get displayed in more areas on the forum including the front page slider).

Also, all members can create their own albums and add images under their profile which they can share with the community via profile, in the forums as attachments, and on our main Gallery page. As the saying goes, a pic tells a 1000 words - up to you :thumbsup:

I hope you enjoy being a member if you have any Qs about using the site just ask.
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