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    Hi Im Ben and i live in wisconsin. Even though I have grown plants before, gardening like this is a newer experience for me. I want to do it, but do not know how much i can get away with living in a trailer park. I hope for some suggestions and tips considering the small space i have to work with. I was inspired to do this after seeing the looming recession video from self sufficent me on YouTube.
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    Hi Ben and welcome.
    Yes a lot of people are thinking like you and wanting to grow some veg around their trailer.
    Have a walk around your park and talk to other gardeners.
    See what others are doing, where they get their supplies and source their free stuff.
    We are a colloquial bunch! We love to pass on what we know and help fellow gardeners.
    You will find a great group of people who exchange seed, cuttings and small plants with each other.
    Sometimes they even go so far as to have swap meets, unofficial markets, garden days.
    Plus there is a wealth of info on youtube from people who are doing their gardening on the cheap.
    Some stuff on youtube is rather 'iffy' or suss. But generally those who put up videos are genuine.
    Reading this site will give you many hours of quality gardening learning.
    When you have a question, just ask.:thumbsup:

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