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    May 31, 2019
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    Collie WA
    Temperate (all seasons)
    I am a 50 something and live in the hills in the south west of WA, I have always been what I might call a bit of a tinkerer in the garden and have tried growing fruit and veges here with limited success because of various problems with soil fertility or bugs etc.
    This last year however I had a bit of a cleanup out the back and had an old bathtub that I couldn't get rid of, so while cleaning up I decided to make use of it and grow something in it. I filled it with soil and some compost (all bought) and grew... wait for it ..... A ton of cauliflower in it. Well I grew some, but the point is I actually got some quality produce from it. So that was when the penny dropped and container gardening was for me.
    Fast forward to just before easter and I end up in hospital getting my appendix taken out.
    That is where the recovery, for a very active person, was doing nothing for weeks. And well I stumbled upon Self sufficient me on you tube.
    I have pretty much watched every episode now and enjoy them immensely.
    I have now built 2 large raised garden beds and employed the hugelkultur method with both and am now growing lettuce, beetroot and celery in one with many seeds planted and waiting to transplant. I have already got cauliflower and broccoli in my bath :)
    Anyway, I have ordered some different seeds online that I will be trying out come spring and am always interested in the different type of plants that I see and am itching to try some out, although I still don't think i am going to try okra, I am not sure the idea of a mouth full of snot does it for me.
    So I will be here reading and following and soaking up as much info as I can.
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    May 31, 2019
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    Cold, Cool, Mountains, or Artic
    Looks like you hit the ground running with growing in containers and raised bed. We do likewise.
    Regards from Canada

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