Hello to everyone :)


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Jan 9, 2013
Well, I've followed the D'Bay ladies in here from BLF (Brisbane Local Food) lol. Always on the look out for new information and ideas from other home growers. The online communities are such a useful tool.

I live at Strathpine on a small block where I aim to grow the maximum I can for my own consumption and sharing. In winter I grow all the usual veg, but my focus is on sub-tropical edibles that grow well in our area. I love to hear about new plants and am more than happy to share seed, cuttings and information.

I have a Garden Visit group on BLF where I organise casual visits to members gardens on a monthly basis and would be happy to share these locations with members here (once I figure out how to do it).

I attend Caboolture and Eudlo seeds savers a couple of times a year to share seed. I love workshops - especially the free ones! Yandina Community Gardens is one of my favourite places for this and I hope to move up that way "one day" onto a bigger piece of land.
Happy to chat with all


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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
Hi Lissa and welcome to SSC! I would have welcomed you earlier but I have been at sea (literally - on a holiday cruise) for two weeks and the internet was pretty poor but I'm back :)

BLF is a great little site/community and I'm a member too (but I don't always get the time to browse there as often as I'd like). I'm similar to you and also live north of Brisbane with a keen focus on sub-tropical edibles or any new plants which were traditionally cold or temperate but can now be grown in our climate like low chill stone fruit or apples etc. I have recently planted a yellow plum (second season) and am surprised at how well it is doing as not only is the fruit delicious but the fruit fly seem to leave it alone!

About your garden visit group - you could use the "Events" area of our forums and post your garden visits there plus any other meetings or workshops. You can also create your own community groups within our forum and we have a calendar feature also. I intend to keep upgrading this forum site and adding new features so perhaps I can investigate an easier way to post your announcements like a quick message board or something...?

Welcome again and thanks for giving our "rather new" self-sufficient community a go. :Cheers: