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myfreakinway Diana

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May 30, 2019
The Netherlands
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Hey everybody,
Greetings from The Netherlands!
I live in the oldest city in Holland, and we have a fairly big garden... for a small town in The Netherlands. We are with six, 3 teens and a toddler, and we have a Borzoi running around. I am an artist (airbrush, drawing, sowing, music (some instruments, singing) etc) and love lots of different things. Among those are gardening and cooking! And adventures... I am a High Sensitive Person, 'suffering' from High Sensation Seeking too... so never a dull moment!

In a few months, our first chickens will come, so I started looking around for tips and tricks, and I found the Youtube channel Self Sufficient Me. Since that, I am hooked.
I learned a lot, even though it's not at all about my side of the world... but I got very keen to get started with something, as long as it makes our little family a little more self sufficient. So, the chickens are coming in July, and some of the garden is going to be turned into raised beds.
Since our oldest (17 y.o) I suffer from pelvic instability, so my body doesn't work with me the way I would like to. Raised beds will not only be good for plants (we have clay soil here) but also good for me!
That's what I can think of now...
If you want to know me better, ask away!

hugs from Holland,
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May 27, 2012
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Hi @myfreakinway Diana and thank you for joining us!

Raised beds will not only be good for plants (we have clay soil here) but also good for me!
You bet! Raised beds have helped me heaps also because I find the extra height is easier on my back, neck, and knees.

All the best with your new chickens! :)