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Jul 21, 2014
Hey my name is Scott and I'm known as CoolBlueDude on YouTube along with a few other forums I'm involved in.

A little about myself is in order I guess. From about 3 years old till I was 21 I grew up working on my families game bird farm. We raised quail- bob whites, Tennessee reds and Tennessee whites, guinea, pheasants, turkeys and chickens. We were thinking about raising emu also but never got around to it. We were a very successful business then. We sold birds all the way from Florida (which is where I live) and all over the USA, Canada and even Australia and Japan. My grandfather was my main influence and I would work long hours with him doing all the hard labor work. He and I made that farm run as smooth as it did from the time I was about 13 years old on. I learned a lot but never learned the actual business side of things unfortunately. But I did develop a genuine love for birds and my passion for raising them has never wained. Unfortunately, the business died along with the owners- my great aunt and uncle about 15years ago or so now.

On a more personal note- I'm engaged to be married next May 2015 and we are going to be making a go at this life together. We are far from wealthy and both of us are Christians. I believe God has given us every opportunity to make it if we work together and use what He has provided for us. That means we are going to be planting a fruit and veggie garden along with raising a few of our own poultry- chickens and quails for our food as well. I would eventually like to try to give raising game birds commercially a go with a family of my own when the time is right.

I figure maybe there are things I've learned along the way that could be of use to those of you trying to raise birds commercially or otherwise. And I'm very interested in learning how to garden and cultivate the land which God has provided for me to work. I'm hoping to give back to this forum as well as gain knowledge and wisdom. Looking forward to sharing and learning together. God bless!!
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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
Hi Scott, I'm wrapped you have decided to join our small (but growing) forum!

I've already had the chance to chat with you on YouTube and I'm excited someone like you with all your experience in raising game birds/chickens will be contributing here on SSC and I'm sure many will benefit from your knowledge.

You wrote a really great intro and congrats on your engagement - I wish you both the best :) Also, best of luck with your fruit and veg garden and please share the occasional gardening endeavour and your poultry tips with us whenever you can!

God bless you too mate! :cheers: