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Discussion in 'Fruit & Vegetable Growing' started by Ash, Oct 2, 2017.

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    Yes I have to say I am also not growing anywhere near as much as last year.
    Even though I have now discovered a method to grow good food here, I am actually worn out from the experimenting & worry!
    I am fiddling around the edges actually. A little this & that at most.
    There has been so much rain it is a crime not to make the most of it, but based on that assumption, this year I have become a criminal! ;)

    re the warrigal greens, they strike best from cutting & now with all this rain is the ideal time to strike them. Put 30cm vine ends in cool wet peat in a lightly shaded spot.
    I used to strike it by throwing a good handful of cuttings under the shaded side of a hydroponic table where the drain came out. Then throwing a few handfuls of cane mulch over them & coming back in a couple months to pull up the new plants, rinse them off & plant in the hydro tables for restaurant sale. I grew parsley, other herbs & specialized oddities.
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    A good way to get seedlings started early is to grow them in a sunny windowsill; actually once they germinate they don't even need direct sunlight. I grow them in a shallow plastic tray, each seed in a toilet roll cut in half, filled with a mix of seed raising mix and compost. Once they have grown to a suitable height, I plant them straight into the ground, as the toilet roll breaks down.

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