Good morning from Quebec, Canada.



Hello people from all over.
We are returning from a 3 years sailing trip and decided it was time to travel the autonomous route.
We live in Quebec, Canada, on a 10 acre wooded land on top of our work studio. So life is good and we have the great and fun challenge of shaping our environment into an environmentally sustainable and productive living paradise.
We consider ourselves lucky and try to give more than we receive from society.
Although we have been keeping a garden forever, the aim is changed and much more involved.
Here is a few projects for the upcoming summer season.
- Setup 2 bee hives.
- Plant 40 chickens and ducks.
- Triple our garden area.
- Start foraging and mapping our forest for possible food sources.
- Expand our contact list for local resources, unmodified seeds and knowledge.
- Plan for the construction of a greenhouse annexed to our shop.
So we hope to learn from you guys and if we can, help others.
Liz & Marty