Ginger or Lemon Beer alcoholic or not

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    Well I have finally finished my original plant!

    I got into the jar with a wooden spoon & pressed the ginger, releasing a heap more flavour.
    After adding more sugar & a little water, I left it out of the fridge to begin working & ended up with several bottles of very nice drink.

    That Ginger Ale recipe I noted earlier in this thread turned out to be far too sweet.
    I couldn't drink it in the end unless well watered down. So with my own plant finally working, I made an excellent punch with a little ginger ale, some plant juice, some coconut juice & topped up with ice & mint.
    Very nice on the hot days we had all through December.

    The ginger pulp didn't go to waste either. I put some into bread, some into chocolate recipes & biscuits, some into stir fry & the last bit went somewhere else which I can't remember now but all got eaten one way or another.

    4 days ago I started a new plant. I'm just grating 2tbsp ginger to add each day along with equal sugar & water. It is working nicely already. With the weather quite nice right now, the house is that little bit cooler so no need to fridge the plant.
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