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    May 27, 2012
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    the Self Sufficient Culture Community Forum has only just been moved to a new platform.

    Instead of closing the forum I have decided to keep the forum open for viewing and new membership whilst I improve and enhance the features which will soon become avail to members.

    Currently, I am working to create a new look for the forum "skin," (skin mod should be complete by 15th Aug 12) Done introduce a photo album feature page - Done, facebook integration - Done, and lots more - added a selection of avatars for members to choose if they prefer instead of uploading their own and added extra "smilies".

    Already, the improvements from the last forum are huge (functionally) with lots more options for users and the ability for them to write their own content through our blogging feature.

    I hope to have all the necessary upgrade changes done within the next week. (complete)
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