Finger Lime advise needed please


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Feb 7, 2020
Nassau Bay, Texas USA
Nassau Bay, Texas USA
I live in Texas and many places can't ship citrus here because of the greening threat.

After several years, I finally found a nursery with the finger limes in 5 gal pots and bought 3. They each have a few buds on them. One is a light pink and the others are white. Does the bud color indicate the fruit color?

Does the tree become more cold tolerant with age/root development?

I am considering keeping them in very large pots for several years because we sometimes have winter nights below freezing. Will it produce a good size harvest in the pot or should I put it in the ground and protect if the temp drops?

Any advise is welcome and appreciated.

BTW, I have an edible landscape and am growing over 35 fruit trees and bushes, most of our veggies are perennials. New to the garden this year ... cucuzza squash, everbearing mulberry, egyptian spinach, chayote squash, cranberry hibiscus, purple and red passion fruit vine, salad burnet, purple orach, milk thistle, marsh mallow, and pink lemonade blueberry.

I don't know if all can see and respond, but I invite all to contribute their 2 cents worth ;-)

Thanks in advance for your input,
P J, the Diving Temptress