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Oct 12, 2020
Cold, Cool, Mountains, or Artic

The annual catalogue from T & T Seeds Arrived earlier this week. The small joys in life. I almost immediately went through the fruit section, making note of what I can add to the orchard easily without reclaiming more of the farm. Then, with the new raised beds set up, I went through the vegetable seed section. I’ll need to sharpen the pencil a bit to narrow things down and place an order. Not sure what I’ll do for the rest of the winter then though...sigh. I like that they have a lot of heirloom varieties and are relatively local, so they’re my go-to garden centre. They’re a bit out of the city, and while not directly on the way to the country property, they aren’t too far out of the way.

For things that need to be started ahead of time (tomatoes, peppers) and things that we want just one or two of (typically herbs), we typically pay more for the started plants.
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Mar 27, 2020
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always exciting to look through seed catalogues - choosing products and then having to whittle the list down is a fun chore. What is even more fun than that though, is when you grow your own seeds, finding out what will cross pollinate and the different varieties that won't affect each other, keeping the plants in good condition long after the harvest (sometimes) to get the seeds and then finding out how to harvest the seeds from the pods etc. THEN, keeping seeds in a good condition, testing for germination rates, growing a few of each variety that could have possibly cross pollinated.... making up seed packets to share you seeds and giving them to people who really appreciate them!! oh yeah, that's fun!!
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