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    Competition Page click here ;)

    Here's some important information about competitions held on SSC:
    • Eligibility - Competitions held on SSC are open to Premium Members "GOLD" only. Registered members and visitors will be able to view the competition details but not enter. To become a Premium Member you need to register first and then participate in our forum by contributing in some way, for example, creating a thread, joining in conversations, or making a review. If you participate, you will become identified as a contributing member and quickly be promoted to Premium Member (if you believe you qualify to be a Premium Member but have not yet been promoted please send me a Personal Conversation).
    • Abusing our system - Multiple sign-ups to enter competitions, or for any other reason, is strictly prohibited, in other words, you may only have one account. Our software can and does check for multiple accounts - if found the member may have their membership banned.
    • Drawing and monitoring - To remain impartial our software selects a winner/s automatically and independently from the pool of correct entries. These entries can only be evaluated after the competition has been run in order to help improve our system and forum.
    • Feedback - If you have any ideas or feedback to give you are quite welcome to create a thread in this section.
    • Other links - Some other links to information about the competitions held on SSC are: First Announcement , Rules/Terms , and Competition Page.
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