Chinese egg incubator humidity levels

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    Hope you can help. I have a new Chinese egg incubator, I have had it turned on for 2 hours and can only get it up to 34% humidity. I have filled both channels and it hasn't made any difference. How long does it normally take to reach 45% or is 34% normal? Also noticed that the humidity needs to be up around 60% on the final 3 days, could you tell me how is that reached as I can't get it passed 34%?
    I also noticed that the incubator you show on your website does not have two small holes on top, which mine does have would you know what these are for?
    Also my incubator came with two small gauze plugs that don't seem to fit anywhere, would you happen to know what these are please?
    Thankful for any help you can give as I am a first timer with an incubator and I want to make sure I understand the workings before putting any eggs in. You site has been very helpful in most other areas.
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    Hello Liz and welcome to SSC!

    No 34% humidity is not normal but I wouldn't trust ANY incubators panel readings (not even the expensive units) until you have first calibrated the unit by using an independent hygrometer to measure the humidity yourself. You can get hygrometers quite easily and they are rather inexpensive. Also, it's a good idea to use a separate thermometer to begin with as well just to check the temp and calibrate it as necessary. Working out the right humidity and temp levels can take several days of playing around with a new incubator until you get used to it.

    Once you calibrate the unit you can then properly establish how much water will be needed to get the humidity levels up to 60%. If you live in a dry climate or at a dry time of year humidity levels inside the incubator can be affected by the outside levels and you may find filling all the channels up still isn't creating enough humidity - in this case, try adding another small flat container with water into the unit somehow and see how that goes.

    The holes in the top of your incubator will help to regulate the humidity also. If you close/cover one or both (try one first) the humidity should rise and this may help to get the humidity a the correct levels.

    I'm not sure, do they fit the holes on top?

    This is very wise Liz!

    Humidity levels are pretty difficult to get exact and keep stable on units without an automatic humidity system so I try to keep them within a range of about 40 - 55%. Just remember not to let the humidity drop low for long periods because the eggs will dehydrate or go too high for long periods otherwise the eggs may drown. However, a little fluctuations here and there shouldn't hurt them too much as long as your checking overall each day.

    Please let me know how you go.
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